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Woensdag 04 februari 2015 // 08:00 uur

The Nuon Solar Team is a student team of 16 top Delft University of Technology students, which aims to promote the use of sustainable and efficient technology. They do so by participating in solar races, in which the solar powered car ‘Nuna' averages 90 km/h on solar energy only. The team has been very successful, winning the prestigious World Solar Challenge in 5 out of 7 participations, including the most recent 2013 edition.

In the preparations for the 2015 World Solar Challenge the Nuon Solar Team would like to discuss the role and applications of feasibility studies in time- and budget-limited multi-disciplinary projects like this.



Tim van Leeuwen - Chief Enigneer Nuon Solar Team

Rob Postema - Feasibility Studies Manager with the European Space Agency

Ian Bennett- Senior system Specialist PV solar at DSM


Entrance from: 08:00
Start: 08:30 End: 11:00
Where: European Space Innovation Centre

Attending the event is free but registration is obliged

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Tim van Leeuwen- A general introduction to the Nuon Solar Team and the role of feasibility studies within our team.

Rob Postema- innovative use of space assets (in our daily lives)

Rob manages and supports ESA studies evaluating the sustainability of innovative services based on the use of space assets.

Ian Bennett, Senior system Specialist PV solar at DSM

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